2015 Tuna days


Jamón de Almadraba

Variado de Almadraba

Ijada cruda en aceite de oliva

Pincho moruno de Almadraba

From the vegetable garden

Japanese style

Fried on olive oil

Bombón de Atún con ajo blanco y queso azul de hojas de plagano

From our grill

From our pot

Arroz a banda de atún con sepia

Punta de Ventresca encebollada

The Wild Red Tuna Fishing at the millenary Almadraba

The Almadraba, known for its Arabic name al-Andalus Almadraba, is used to catch wild red tuna; and it involves the installation of a maze of fishing nets to intercept the passage of the tuna. Tuna season starts in the early May until about July. We say that tuna fishing is an millenary art because it was used, since the old times, by different peoples like: Tartesus, Phoenicians, Arabs and Romans.

Fishermen call these first tuna "tuna of right", because of the route that tuna uses from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea; The tunas are full of fat and roe to spawn the at Mediterranean.

Red Wild Tuna is a renowned delicacy; which can be prepared in a thousand different ways: raw, salted, stewed ...
It can be cut in diferent pieces:
Loin, belly, cheek, white tail, black tail, tarantelo, morrillos, descargamentos, mormo, contra-mormo ...